Car Licence

Learning to drive a heavy vehicle is quick and easy when you choose All Wheels Driver Education!

Our team of driving instructors will help you acquire all the necessary knowledge to become confident and independent on the road.

We incorporate key skills throughout our learner driver lessons, as well as defensive driving techniques to help you feel safe and self-reliant on the road. All Wheels Driver Education also provide regular classroom courses that cover a range of topics including:

  • Road safety
  • Supervising drivers
  • Forklift tickets
  • Public passenger authorities


Catering to individuals of all ages and abilities, regardless of whether you're 16 or 60, our local driving instructors will help you become an independent driver.

1 Hour Lesson  $70 $70
5 x 1 Hour Lesson Pack  $300 $300
10 x 1 Hour Lesson Pack  $600 $600
Car Hire for Test $50 $50
1 Hour Pre Test Lesson  $70 $70
Older Driver Assessor - 1 Hour $100

Why are we Casino choice of driving school?

  • We can pick up & drop off to a location that suits you
  • Our lesson times are flexible to fit your schedule
  • We keep our learner driver prices low & affordable
  • Our instructors are local, experienced & patient
  • We are committed to your safety on the road



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